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Culture / Music : Hummer's Culture Parlour

Hummers Kultursalon

Gerhard Hummer's Culture Parlour (in German “Kultursalon”) is not only known in Hohenhameln but in the whole world and it is a garantor for top class classical music on which many media have reported.

Since 1992 Mr. Hummer has been presenting talents from all over the world to up to 80 visitors in his in-house hall. Often these musical events are premieres he organized by himself in order to get great musicians to play in Germany. In October for example, the Russian classical pianist Andrei Ivanovitch will meet the American jazz pianist Eyran Katsenelenbogen.

The choice of interpreters and music styles is manifold and still hand-picked. It is no wonder that Mr. Hummer is not planning on organizing more than 8 concerts each year. Scarcely anybody of his neighbours in Soßmar could imagine the efforts that are made to host these 8 concerts each year. Travels into the whole world have to be made in order to lure artists into the dozy village, formal calls to other hosts have to be made and concerts have to be visited. These pleasures are very time-consuming, so it is clear that every single concert will remain unique and that every visitor will remain an individual.

Music aficionados from all over the world have paid a visit to this little place long known as insider tip. They brought small presents, discussed vividly till the morning pint and now they are still exchanging emails with Mr. Hummer.

In 2007, the 120. concert will take place in this all-embracing and affectionately arranged ambience with a size of 400 m² and it will definitely not bet he last for Mr. Hummer retired from his “real” job as senior high scool teacher and is now teaching different choirs the right pitch.

Hummers Kultursalon
Gerhard Hummer
Bierberger Str. 5
31249 Hohenhameln-Soßmar
Germany / Lower Saxony
phone: +49-5128-4772

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